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Why does this site exist?

Hello World! This is this site's first post. I've been meaning to start some kind of site or blog for a very long time (haven't we all!).

I'm now in a situation were I might be able to spare some time every week to make this work (have attempted blogs in the past). I'm also exploring what to do next with my life. Should I become an employee at a nice company, should I pursue a PhD, should I create an online business that runs itself so I can spend my days sipping daiquiris on the beach?

My current vision for this site is to post articles on science, technology and engineering. I'll probably feel like posting about other random topics as well. I'll see how it goes and what structure and contents makes more sense over time. I'm starting out in English but might start creating content in Spanish at some point. I also don't know if I'll stick to Jekyll or switch to Wordpress. This Is An Experiment!

These are some of the goals driving my effort: